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Join my Discord

2017-03-30 14:09:56 by nini3456h

I'll tell you all about it once you join ;)

hello mi amigos

2016-12-24 21:02:45 by nini3456h

merry crisis fuccers

My whole two-cents on the Trans Restroom thing

2016-11-24 13:55:35 by nini3456h

All of these people were whining about trans people using the bathroom because of rape n shit but they failed to understand that a simple sign with a male or female thing on the door ain't gonna stop a rapist, and if they do, well, they're still shitty people but at least they're somewhat considerate. Y'all should just let people use the bathroom if they want. I only exclusively use the women's room even if it's one of my boy days (I am openly genderfluid and I'm not letting anyone shit all over me because of it) because that's what I've been taught for years and it's seared into my head. I've only been into 2 men's bathrooms in my entire life and I've never had the balls to step foot into a men's room since. Now, I know what you guys are thinking "Malina! What would be the point of gender-specific bathrooms if we just let people use whatever bathroom we want?". Listen, just barging into a bathroom that isn't for your sex (or gender, w/e) and claiming you're trans is just plain rude, and it makes you look like a transphobic asshole. Please stop. I honestly don't give half a shit about what you think about this, so pay it no mind. I may say more on this issue, but this is just my contribution to the whole "Trans Bathrooms" debate. Thank you for listening to my dumb rant.


Also, happy Thanksgiving, America. We've already had it up here in Canada.

just a thought

2016-11-19 21:59:47 by nini3456h

archive of our own is basically and wattpad but instead of sonicfags/weebs and rabid directioners respectively, its for tumblrinas


still a p fuckin mental site

seriously fuck trump and fuck pence even more i feel ashamed to live in a country whose neighbour is eventually going to be populated with just bigoted fuckheads while the reasonable people flee here to canuckistan also fuck all the unfunny memers who voted for a fucking gorilla im sorry im just so pissed off

while off the air i found grand dad r34

And Hotmail/Outlook sucks assholes.

Leaving FA

2016-10-12 22:27:48 by nini3456h

It's been a good run, but FA found out my age, and they fucked me over. Gotta wait 4 years before I can get it open again, so I closed my account.


2016-08-03 16:28:55 by nini3456h

I'm (actually) 14 now, another year closer to death. Here's to another (give or take) 14 years.

hey guys

2016-05-13 23:45:04 by nini3456h

a daily reminder that i'm a piece of garbage :)